Apologizing Is Not Always The Answer. How To Know When Not To Say, “I’m Sorry”

Apologizing Is Not Always The Answer 1

The power of our words can affect the people around us and how we see ourselves. We even use our words to express ourselves better and share thoughts more freely through social media. However, these words can be misinterpreted or misunderstood, leading us to apologize in situations or scenarios that we feel to be our fault.

For most of today's youth, apologizing has become more and more like a reflex to say, even in situations where they don't need to apologize. Sometimes, we say "I'm sorry" in cases we have no control over because of the fear of receiving negative remarks from others.

Apologizing Is Not Always The Answer 2

Individuals who overly apologize tend to have lower self-esteem, fear conflict, and often care enormously about others' thoughts.

While it's hard to distinguish whether it is right to apologize in the situation or appear rude for not giving a sincere apology, here at Unpopular Demand, your thoughts and voice will not be ignored or to say "I'm sorry" over.

We’ve curated a list for you to identify the times you don’t have to apologize for telling what you genuinely want to say.


You Should Never Apologize For Taking Time For Yourself

You might feel like others would scrutinize you for taking a break from responsibilities or work to have some “me time”. The importance of prioritizing your rest is nothing to apologize over. Remember that to succeed in life, your happiness is the first and foremost crucial towards taking care of yourself better.


You Should Never Apologize For Expressing Your Emotions

I’m sorry for venting this all out on you.” Saying this phrase is more common than you think. Being vulnerable and expressing your emotions shouldn’t make you feel guilty. People who over apologize would rather keep their true feelings hidden instead of voicing how they feel because they don’t want to come out as too emotional to others. It leads to a person being timid and lacking the confidence to express how they truly feel.

Apologizing Is Not Always The Answer 3


You Should Never Apologize For Chasing Your Dreams

To follow your passion or achieve your dreams, we all start from the bottom and even feel judged if things will not work out from day 1. As a result, sometimes, we feel ashamed or worried over how others see our path towards reaching our dreams. 

Remember that no one is a master of their craft or has accomplished incredible feats without a starting point. Never let others’ opinions of your goals keep you from reaching your dreams.


You Should Never Apologize For Your Imperfections

The first step to loving yourself more and boosting your confidence is to embrace that your imperfection makes you unique from the rest of the world. No one is perfect, and this is why you must never apologize for your imperfections. Self-consciously, even if we do not verbally say we are “sorry” for the way we look, in our mind, we apologize for not meeting a certain standard of beauty set by society.


You Should Never Apologize When Asking For Help

I’m sorry, but I need your help with…”  or “Sorry to bother you….” If you’re one of the individuals who start a conversation like this, you are not alone. Not many people realize this, but we often associate apologizing as being polite and first apologize before asking for help. It’s known to be an act of being considerate that we are saying sorry for taking up their time as we ask for help. However, you don’t have to apologize if you need assistance or information from another person. 


You Should Never Apologize For Spending Money On Yourself

Ever felt guilty after treating yourself to something you’ve always wanted?

Do you feel uneasy and apologize whenever you post about the latest phone or designer bag you bought on social media after your friends or family assume how well-off you are for buying something nice?

Never apologize for the moments of happiness for pampering yourself. We’ve all worked hard to get the things we want in life, so it should never be something you need to say “I’m sorry” for or explain why you bought it.


You Should Never Apologize For Saying The Truth

We often stay silent or quickly apologize whenever we tell the truth to another person. Sometimes, because we consider whether we are hurting the feelings of those around us, we avoid speaking what we genuinely want to say in favor of making everyone else comfortable. 

Not everyone has the guts to speak the truth, and more than once have become uncomfortable that they feel the need to say sorry out of sympathy and not because they did something wrong. 


Apologizing Is Not Always The Answer 4

At Unpopular Demand, we stand with the unheard and amplify their voices every day. Through our graphic tees and statement shirts, Unpopular Demand continues to empower individuals and remind them that they should not apologize for voicing their thoughts, opinions, and words.

Apologizing Is Not Always The Answer 5

You can be deafening without apologizing for being who you are and what you want to say to the world.