Reasons Why It Is Important To Set Personal Boundaries & How It Helps Us

We’ve been staying at home for more than a year now because of the pandemic. Stuck in the walls of our rooms and houses together with our family, or for some, stuck alone. I know most of us are having a hard time getting their “me time” especially when we don’t have our room, you’re living with your parents, siblings, and even surrounded by a lot of children. You cannot control the noises around you. You cannot find a quiet place to reflect and concentrate.

With this, we depend on social media to communicate with friends and talk about how we are having a hard time with what is happening today, even posting and tweeting it. Unaware of oversharing on Facebook or Twitter, have you ever thought of how you are setting boundaries for yourself? We are now living in an era where we highly depend on technology that is in front of us and how it affects our lifestyles. Easy access to information that we need influencing our stands and reservations - hence, we can balance and analyze our boundaries.

In times like this, why is it important to set personal boundaries and how it helps us?

We get to build meaningful and beautiful relationships with others.

  • Setting boundaries for yourself and being able to communicate with others why you have these reservations takes a lot of confidence and courage because at the same time, you are opening a part of yourself that is genuine and you are earning respect from the people around you.

We get to take care of ourselves and our mental health.

  • Our boundaries protect ourselves and our minds from not being involved with the things we don’t want to be part of. Saying no to peer pressure, inferiority complex and even to ourselves is not just a verbal disposition but also part of a bigger movement related to mental health awareness and to protect ourselves from the situations we think are dangerous.

You will know what you want and what you don’t.

  • It’s like you are creating an imaginary mind map and separating the ideas and things that you’re okay and not okay with. Knowing the things you are not okay with will improve your discipline to be firm with your decisions and it will surely keep you away from toxic and unhealthy relationships. Not to mention becoming able to choose easily based on your idea organization.

You get to stand for yourself and speak up for others.

  • Each one of us is a representation of a majority who can connect to the ideas we believe in. By being open and vocal to our ideas, we are not just standing for ourselves but we are speaking for a community that shares the same beliefs. As members of this particular community, we get to amplify each others’ voices to be heard.

Generally, setting personal boundaries is more than and beyond speaking up for ourselves. We affect a larger community and we get to make a difference that will contribute to positive changes especially in times like this.

Knowing and discovering the things we should be standing and speaking for is a big help to our personal development. Let us also not close our doors in accepting new information that might change and influence our opinions and views for the better. Always remember that making mistakes and learning from them is better than standing up for something that we don’t agree with. But of course, let's make sure that the things we agree with are for the better.