Here comes the tale of the barrier-breaking brand, UNPOPULAR DEMAND. It's typical to hear the phrase "Due to popular demand.", brands giving in to customers' long-time requests and such. But why will a brand, amidst all the crisis and uncertainties, be born and let alone be called UNPOPULAR DEMAND?

No one demanded it. No one even thought to ask for it. 

But it takes one to know what being unheard must feel like. We, the UNHEARD, bring unspoken thoughts out in the world. For people to see, hear, and hopefully, through constant reminder, understand. 

Being misunderstood, that feels like a solitary thing, is actually universal. 


To some, it is the fear of being misjudged that tucks them away from the spotlight of speaking up. And others, while being sensitive to other people often forget that their voice matters. Feeling too inferior to spark up a conversation also makes the list of reasons why one does not speak up. Only one thing is certain - not speaking up is a chance lost to being understood. 

Unpopular Demand is a platform for the outnumbered individuals to share their views no matter how unpopular they are. Taking this first step to acknowledging your voice is important, UD releases the BOUNDARIES Collection - consisting of statement shirts with the most often dismissed thoughts. 

To speak up is not a one-night change, and we're well aware of that. 

No rushing and no pushing. Taking steps, although small, brings us closer to hitting the goal - being heard and understood.

UD envisions empowering the UNHEARD to find the courage to stand up for themselves and live their truths. Through premium apparel made locally, we give them the chance to speak up for themselves and encourage the rest to do the same. 

Along with this ultimate goal, UD wants to empower an underestimated body - the deaf and mute community. The community is more than a source of inspiring stories. The daily battles they have won despite their disabilities are beyond motivating and courageous. 

UD aims to make a difference in their lives by supporting organizations, programs, and movements that help their well-being and livelihood. This is a mission that can only happen with you on our side. 

It's time to step out of the shadows. The only question left for you is - Are you ready to grab the mic, pass it on and take a stand? Are you ready to be deafening?