Boundaries Statement Shirt : NO

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Designed by the Unheard for the Unheard.

The pilot release of UD encourages you to defy the norms by emphasizing the power in saying no. Establish your boundaries and live up to your choices with the conviction of the word “no”.


Don’t underestimate the impact of saying no. It’s more than an option, it’s one step forward to standing up for every unspoken thoughts you hold. Let yourself be heard.



Saying no could be difficult for some people. "No" could be uncomfortable and hostile. But we should learn to establish boundaries and give ourselves space.

Let's take this first step of standing up for ourselves by trying to say "no" without hesitations, without reasons. Just no.


Get your shirt out of this aesthetically expressive box and yourself out of the shadows. 

The minimalist approach of this stereo-designed box represents the minority as a whole who are silenced - either by choice or by force. Art-wise, it is simple and aesthetically designed yet mysterious and classy.

What will surprise you is what's inside of it! You will see a very loud orange color that speaks creativity, expression, and enthusiasm which is connected to the statements in the box. Plus, two QR codes can be scanned to avail of a 10% discount perk on any of our tees from the pilot collection!